Official Rules

These rules will be updated frequently without notice.  Please keep an eye on this post for updated rules!

Your goal on this server is to make roleplay fun for yourselves AND others, not win gunfights.

(All changes are marked in RED and will be changed back to normal after a few weeks)




Basic Knowledge

You are to own a legal/full copy of Arma 3 to join A3L.

VPNs or any other program to physically change your IP or mask your IP is not allowed in this community.

We have a Chain of Command, it is as follows:

  • Support
  • Moderator
  • Administrator
  • Senior Administrator
  • Developer
  • Platform Administrator
  • Director

Anyone caught cheating in our game servers will be removed from the servers for a permanent time period, and information will be sent to BI(Bohemia Interactive).

Please realize this is a role-playing game.  Some scenarios may include some adult content.

Please realize serious abusive attitudes and behavior towards others will not be allowed, nor will any constant fighting.

We do not accept any racism in A3L (In or out of character) - Whether it be comments on color, nationality, etc.

We try to welcome and help new members completely.  If you are a current member who restrains us from helping new members, you will be banned.

Administrator's decisions are FINAL.

We require you to have a good working microphone here at A3L.

If you see a hacker or cheater on the server, please record the incident and report the player to a member of SLT

A proper role play name is required (First and Last) and be realistic. 

You are responsible for your account at all times.  If another person gets on your account (Teamspeak, Forums, Server) and breaks our rules your account will still be held responsible.  There is no exception to this rule so make sure no-one uses your accounts on our servers.

English is required at all times in game, public areas of Teamspeak, and the forums.



Section 1 (Forum Rules)

  • Disrespecting members and controversial subjects will not be tolerated, this includes any ranting. Our shoutbox and forums are not there to allow you to insult and harm members, 24 hour bans will be issued and Warning points.

  • Advertising is not permitted. Users doing so will be subject to a perm ban. Advertisements of [in-game] companies, and political parties are allowed once per hour.  You can advertise your Twitch stream.

  • You are allowed one forum account per person.

  • Moderators on the forums have the freedom to issue warning points to anyone who they see is abusing / breaking the rules.

  • Subforums are able to have their own rule sets, to add onto these. Please read the pinned posts to see if such a rule set exists.



Section 2 (Teamspeak Rules)

  • To be in the game server you must have the Task Force Radio plugin installed and enabled.

  • Harassment, racism, and very abusive language is not permitted.

  • Don't spam/hot mic - Leaving mic open when not talking for longer periods.

  • Failure to follow the chain of command when in need of support, could result in a 24 hour ban from Teamspeak.

  • If a member of Staff is in a DND [Do not disturb] channel please refrain from messaging them as they are there for a reason, please find another staff member or worst case PM them on the forums. 

  • All Teamspeak channels are Out of Character. The exception to this is the TFR Channel, and the channels created for, SO, Courthouse and EMS. Any new additions must be approved by two SMT.. These channels are only to be used if it is not possible to use the server.


Section 3 (Game Server General Rules)

  • Check sub sections (SO, EMS) for more rules that apply to the varying sections.
  • Disrupting our game server with inappropriate or disruptive behaviour is not permitted. Anyone found doing so will be punished. [includes spamming, Spamming music in bank robberies or interrupting for no role-play reason, taunting other players, or RDM.]
  • Failure to value your own life will be considered Fail RP.
  • Side chat is only for advertising services and businesses or requesting services (tow truck, not for google/twitter/etc), any communication past the request or advertisement must be by mic, radio, or cellphone.  First offense will be a verbal warning (message sent to user through RCON), second will be a kick, and the third will be a ban.
  • Police side chat is only meant to be used for reporting a 10-33/10-78/10-98 with a location, BOLOs, Panic with a location and asking for current tac.  Side chat should not be used for any other communication.
  • EMS are permitted to only use 10 codes in side chat if the radios stop working.
  • Playing music is only allowed in your car or house. You are not allowed to use it while walking, this also includes being in jail. You are not permitted to troll or cause continuous interruptions with any RP by playing music.
  • DO NOT buy any building with NPC's in. You're not allowed to own any stores/shop, if you do buy these you will receive 10 warning points and removal of the property in question with no compensation.
  • Any weapon you are to use within roleplay must be visible to each other member. You may NOT roleplay invisible weapons.
  • During any admin event you must follow all rules of the event. Failure to do so could result in a ban (up to admins discretion).
  • Roleplay must be initiated verbally.  Things like sending someone a message via text, or a cop car attempting to pull you over is not considered initiation.  You MUST initiate roleplay with each other via verbal communication before any kind of physical harm is done (This includes gun-play and knocking another person out) without being considered FailRP.
  • If you want to pull someone over or stop them to commit a crime against the vehicle occupants you must verbally initiate before you can S-1 or ram the vehicle off the road if they fail to stop.
  • Exception: Role-play may be initiated when a blasting charge is set to the bank vault or an attempt to set a blasting charge on the prison door, also this rule is exempt from warning shots to helicopters as it is almost impossible to communicate verbally.
  • If there is a break in the role play for five minutes or more, you must re-initiate (exceptions are firefights).
  • Killing someone without vocal initiation is only allowed if you're part of the group initiated in the situation where lethal force has been used before (you need hard proof to ensure that you're part of the gang/cops/group), still keeping the 5 minute initiation rule in mind.
  • You may not initiate roleplay from a moving vehicle, nor may you immediately escalate a vehicle accident into violence (You cannot S1/Head on collision then initiate).  You must make an honest attempt to play out the situation face-to-face with proper roleplay. This includes all air, land, and sea vehicles. 
  • If you are being pursued by the police for longer than 5 minutes and/or are declared code AMBER by the officers (Due to reckless driving, causing harm/danger to other civilians, etc.) the police may attempt to Desync Ram (S1) your vehicle in attempt to stop the chase. Desync Ramming a vehicle does NOT count as initiation.
  • You may not intentionally use a vehicle as a device to initiate roleplay, for example: You may not use the vehicle to ram someone off of the road, crash into them to get their attention, or in any way use a vehicle to instigate someone or to purposefully escalate a situation into violence using a vehicle.  *The only exception to this rule are S-1 trained police officers that may use their vehicles to attempt to end a chase to ensure the safety of the public*
  • The only bulletproof vehicle is the Razorback/Lenco. No other vehicles will be considered bulletproof. Using cars with "bulletproof" windows to invalidate robbery situations is considered not valuing your life / fail role-play.  Using "bulletproof" cars to bait / entice gun shots at your person is considered not valuing your life / fail role-play.
  • Committing murder must be supported by a valid role-play reason. You may not kill a person after a robbery or a hostage situation if they have complied with your demand/s unless you have a role play reason to do so . You may never kill a hostage because they're a hindrance, if you get what you want you must let them go. For example shooting a hostage after the requested ransom has not been paid, the person has a “hit” out on them (will require proof) or they trash talk your group during the robbery are some valid reasons. Them seeing your face is not a valid RP reason, wear a mask. Shooting them without a valid reason is classified as Fail RP.
  • Exploiting, Hacking, Bug abusing or abuse of game mechanics could result in a permanent ban.
  • Using the tow truck in a way that it's not intended to be used; e.g. Towing a box truck to double your payload, using the tow trucks to steal vehicles from other players, utilizing it for criminal intentions or to destroy other vehicles will result in a ban. (Tow trucks are only to be used to remove vehicles from an accident, pull a vehicle out of the mud, or to impound)
  • Using the semi trailer truck in a way that it's not intended to be used; e.g. Utilising the semi trailer to steal vehicles from other players, utilizing it for criminal intentions (ram vehicles or blockade roads) or to destroy other vehicles  will result in a ban. (Semi Trailers are only to be used to transport goods)
  • Joining the game server in a whitelisted EMS/LEO slot when you are not whitelisted or have been suspended/fired by EMS/LEO command for those factions will be considered abuse.
  • Abusing the spectator mode whilst in the game server will be considered abusing an in-game bug.
  • You are not allowed to taze another officer to regenerate health for any reason this would be considered glitching.
  • You are not allowed to use a dead body as cover during a shootout or etc for any reason.  This will be considered glitching.
  • Combat logging is a bannable offense. Combat logging is logging out of the servers while dead or in an active RP situation. You must wait the time limit and hit Respawn before logging off.
  • Note: Void if game crashed or internet died. RPT file must be provided
  • If you are found guilty of combat logging your inventory on your character will be removed as well as the appropriate punishment.
  • You are only allowed to loot virtual items such as (food, money, and briefcases); you are not allowed to loot weapons or any other things off of a dead body even if a weapon is dropped.
  • Police may only pick up guns/items if the person is revived.
  • No using the "train" to bypass role-play scenarios.  Going to your house to gear up and returning back via the train.  Intercepting players/police by reaching a destination before them by not driving/flying there yourself.
  • Under certain circumstances e.g if there are no guns on the hostage, SERT are allowed to use lethal force without calling off negotiations.


Green-Zones:  No player vs. player crime is allowed in a Green-zone.  Normal Green-zones are as follows: 15m around any ATMs, Civ Spawn, Car Garage. (The Drug Dealer, Drug Processor, and all Delivery Point NPC's are exempt from this rule.)

  • You can not force another player to interact with an NPC/ATM
  • Excessive baiting/trash talking in any type of Green-zone because you cannot be harmed in the GZ will be considered a green zone violation. Obviously, this does not apply if prior RP was initiated outside the Green-zone unless it’s a Perm GZ
  • Having a house in a Green-zone does not make your house immune to robbers. GZ do not apply if you are Robbing/breaking into houses.
  • Running into a green-zone whilst in a combat situation makes the zone no longer a "green zone". This means you can still be shot/robbed/killed. You cannot use the green-zone's as an excuse for poor role-play.
  • If a member of Bluefor tries to physically detain, search or arrest someone in a greenzone, it will no longer be a greenzone for the members of Bluefor or anyone that is a part of the group/gang with that individual.  Proof maybe required to show you are a part of the group/gang. Once the issue is resolved (IE at the greenzone it will return to normal.  Randomly joining in is Fail RP.
  • If you want to do a jailbreak or break someone out of custody, the GZ at jail no longer applies. For any other reason  the GZ still applies

 Permanent Green-Zones: The Hospital building & parking lot, Fire Department & parking lot, Erie County SO within fenced area, main Building & Roof, and 15m around Erie County civilian spawn and 50m around Rebel base are considered permanent Green Zones.  These are no conflict zones.

  • Bluefor can not physically restrain, arrest or search anyone in a Perm GZ (except inside the fenced area of SO and hospital).  
  • Civilians can not commit visible crime in any Perm GZ. Carrying a class two fire arm in your vest is not a visible crime while carrying it in your hands is. Nor can they use non lethal or lethal force in any Perm GZ
  • Committing offences which are ticketable or minor like trespassing or civilians protesting is allowed at Erie County SO. Bluefor have the power of arrest and the ability to use non lethal force in Erie County SO Perm GZ. Civilians in Erie County SO only have the power to escape and can not use lethal or non lethal force to do so until outside of the Perm GZ for any reason. Baiting bluefor with no valid RP reason into chasing you outside of the Erie County SO Perm GZ is Fail RP.
  • Civilians and bluefor can not use lethal and non lethal force on, out of or into Hospital grounds.
  • If a fire fight happens outside or near Erie County SO. Bluefor can not shoot from inside the Main fenced area, from inside the Erie County SO building or from the roof. Civilians can not shoot into the Erie County SO Perm green zone. If Bluefor leave the Erie County SO Perm Green zone to join a fire fight they can not retreat into the Erie County SO Perm green zone until the fight is reasonable judged to be over. Doing so is “FAIL RP”
  • You can’t flee into these permanent zones if RP was initiated outside as a means of escape. It is at an admins+ direction on case by case bases to determine when you have escaped. Rule of thumb is if you lose visual contact for longer than 3 minutes you have escaped or there was no visible threat of action (for example a civ says he’s going to shot you if you don’t let someone go but they don’t appear to have the means to do so e.g. run up unarmed)


Out of Character (OOC): It is against server rules to break character while playing in game for any reason. That means to ask a question, threaten the person that just ran over your friend and etc.  If there is an issue that someone has caused a server or rule violation, you are to continue the RP and immediately move to “Requesting Staff”.

  • If there is an in game situation like a bank robbery, jail break, gang fight etc. You can not use any out of game form of communication to get additional gang members or police officers to join the server. This is going OOC to influence an in game situation.
  • While in game, you are to be in character. This is a Softcore RP server, and we expect you to RP to the fullest extent. If you fail to RP, you will be removed from A3L for disrupting gameplay for others. (Starting a bank robbery and then immediately leaving the scene is considered Failure to RP).

NLR ( New Life Rule ): When you click respawn, you forget all details that led up to your death ( Killer, location, etc; ). You can remember friends, colleagues etc.  You can not return to the scene where you died until at least 10 minutes has passed after you click respawn. This does not apply when you are revived by EMS.

  • You may not return back to a Major Crime once you have died. The NLR rule does NOT apply here.
  • NLR still applies even if you are told to head back (to the place you died) via any form of communication. This applies to everyone.
  • NLR works both ways.  Other people will not know who you are.  This means that gangs / police / etc. will not act against you based on your previous life(s) actions.


  • RDM is to kill someone without the initiation of roleplay. RDM is a bannable offense.
  • VDM (Vehicle Death Match - killing someone with a vehicle for no reason) is not allowed 
  • You are not allowed to initiate on moving vehicles going over 40kmph.
  • unless it is self defense of yourself. EXAMPLE - If someone's standing in front of your vehicle with a gun, and they threaten your life.
  • You're not allowed to use any air vehicle as a weapon for example, kamikaze, air-ramming, VDM or attempting to stop a car by landing on it.
  • You're not allowed to ram a vehicle with another vehicle to cause it to explode.

Bank Robbery Rule:

  • Must have 7 Police Department personnel on in order to do a bank robbery or any Major Crime. Using TeamSpeak to identify them is permitted to use in this case.
  • Can NOT start a bank robbery with 30 min or less on server uptime.
  • Unless you are in the bank, or directly set up as a sniper for the robbers you may not hide in the crowd as an onlooker.
  • Exception is if you're a scout, you may only scout and may not shoot police at all.
  • You may not randomly join in the bank robbery or sneak around unarmed, then pull out a gun and assist.
  • You must announce that you have snipers to Law Enforcement.
  • You are not allowed to run around the bank trolling/baiting the cops or bank robbers if you do appropriate punishment will be given.

Store Robbery Rule:

  • You must stay in the store that you initiated the robbery at and not hide in the area as an onlooker.
  • Exception is if you're a scout, you may only scout and may not shoot police at all.
  • No snipers are allowed at or during a store robbery.
  • You may not randomly join in the store robbery or sneak around unarmed, then pull out a gun and assist.
  • You are not allowed to run around the store being robbed trolling/baiting the cops or robbers.  If you do appropriate punishment will be given.
  • You are not allowed to initiate the store robbery as a means to bait officers to the area to set up an ambush or etc.
  • The store robbery notifications are not considered RP initiation, you must initiate some type of role-play with the officers and/or robbers within the store.  Failure to do this will be considered Fail RP.
  • Robbing a store with anything other than a gun, axe or pickaxe (i.e. binoculars) will be considered FailRP.

Jail Break Rule:

  • A blasting charge must be used to initiate a jailbreak.  Attempting a jailbreak without using a blasting charge will be considered FailRP.
  • Must have 7 LEOs on in order to do a jailbreak.
  • You are NOT to initiate a jailbreak or bank robbery with less than 30 minutes until the server restart.
  • You can only use the Little Bird helicopter (no other Helicopter) in a jail break after the breaching charged has been placed and the door blasted open.
  • You CANNOT take over the jail at anytime. You must leave straight away if you succeed in your jail break. If there is still people outside blocking your exit, that is the only time you can stay inside of the jail. If all officers are dead, and you have succeeded in the jailbreak, you have to leave immediately.
  • When the jail is on lock down due to a possible prison break; the doors must remain closed until the blasting charge has blown the doors open. (i.e. Opening the doors of the prison to shoot out and then closing them back again will not be tolerated.)


  • Metagaming is not permitted at all, players found abusing this issue will be given appropriate action.
  • We do not tolerate stream-sniping in any form. Anyone caught using streams as a source of knowledge either in or out of game RP will receive a ban.
  • You cannot use other means of communication for in game, in character information other than teamspeak (TFR Channel) or ingame mechanics.
  • You may not use video taken by someone else as evidence in a complaint against them unless you were directly involved in the situation. Watching someone's stream or VODs or other video footage for the sole purpose of hunting for things to report them for will not be tolerated. First offense will be 10 warning points, offenses after that could result in bans.  The exception to this rule would be for major rule breaks that could cause serious harm to the community such as glitching, exploiting, duping and hacking.
  • When a person dies, is not revived by a medic and they press respawn. If they are recording their footage is lost and can not be used IC. 
  • You are not allowed to sling load a vehicle to transport goods to the market or anywhere as this is considered exploiting.  This would fall in line with the tow truck rule. You may only sling load a vehicle if you have an approved company on our website for a legitimate reason.
  • You can not interrupt any server event for any reason during the duration of the event.  A 24 hour ban and your removal from participating in any event will be issued if this rule is broken.
  • You can not power game using melee combat on another person such as grabbing, choking, tackling or pulling into cars until we implement the system in the game server.  You also can not power game any of the mechanics already in game such as zipties.
  • You are not allowed to be outside the map anywhere around DOC as this is where people spawn before selecting a spawn point in the game server.  Anyone caught outside the map around DOC will be issued a ban for Fail RP.
Section 3.1 (EMS/LEO/Gang)
  • No crime or malicious action may be used against on duty EMS/FD personnel at any time. Disrupting EMS/FD duties will not be tolerated.

  • EMS/FD must remain neutral (can't be bias) at all times within roleplay.  EMS/FD are not to be corrupt at any time.

  • You must follow EMS/FD instructions upon being revived (no other RP is permitted) until treatment is complete.

  • Civilians may not have or use any advanced medical equipment (basic bandages are okay). Only medical personnel with proper training may have and/or use advanced medical equipment. SO personnel may use basic bandages and/or tourniquets to stabilize patients, but are limited to those types of items.  This includes med kits, EMS should be the only faction with them in their inventory, everyone else should only use First Aid kits.

  • Only EMS/FD may pronounce someone "dead" regardless of the situation before or after EMS/FD arrives.

  • As a gang you may only roll with 10.

  • A whitelisted gang may only have 30 members

  • Stealing EMS vehicles / destroying their cars is not allowed. Only EMS/FD can drive EMS/FD vehicles, you are not allowed to drive any EMS/FD vehicle under any circumstance. Do not hinder their ability to do their job. Doing so is a bannable offence.

  • As a Police Officer, You may not sell, distribute or give away any from of Police Weapons

  • There cannot be any corruption within the Internal Affairs department.

  • There cannot be any corruption within the DOJ.

  • Those playing as law enforcement may not abuse the Shift-R function, there must be some RP initiated when handcuffing someone.

  • Repeatedly Baiting/taunting the police is not tolerated. There must be a reason for example you are wanted. (Going back into the SO over and over again after being punished or death is fail RP)

  • You may not talk on the radio or use your cellphone whilst restrained. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • You are only restrained if the police officer says you are [within RP] or you are physically restrained.

  • You cannot wear any EMS clothing as a civilian, doing so is bannable.  A Civilian possessing a taser or a fire extinguisher is also a bannable offence.
  • The only time you are not allowed to wear SO uniforms is when doing a Major Crime.
  • If you are detained at the time of server restart, you MUST come back to the Police Department unless you are told otherwise by the arresting officer. You must come back to SO with the same items you had when you were first arrested, dropping any of your illegal items or clothing before returning will be considered FAIL RP.

  • Exemption - If you are not going to join back to the game server for some reason for the next two hours then an arrest warrant will be issued for your arrest for all previous charges.

  • You may not rob, assault, kill or threaten lethal force on a officer conducting a traffic stop. If the situation escalates with a officer attempting to physically restrain, search or arrest the driver or any occupants then at that point the vehicle occupants or bystanders etc may interfere, still adhering to RP standards for initiation etc.

  • If someone does not lock pick you out of handcuffs or a law enforcement officer does not physically un-restrain you, RP must be continued as if you were still restrained. 

    • EXCEPTION - If the arresting officer that has restrained you died and you are unrestrained per the game mechanic, then you can escape.

  • LEO or anyone in a BLUFOR slot may not raid a house with thirty minutes or less left on server uptime.

  • The courthouse (inside only) in Erie County (located near Erie County SO) is now considered a greenzone.

  • As a police officer when you are downed in a gun fight or etc and you are picked up by EMS you are not allowed to detain the suspect or any suspect that was also downed at the scene.  If there are other officers involved that were not downed then they can detain those suspects and escort them to EMS custody where you can testify that they were involved in your death.  This rule applies to anyone in a blufor slot.

  • The SERT Razorback/Lenco Bearcat will be considered bulletproof and will be role-played as such.  If the wheels are shot out and the vehicle is considered disabled (this would include but not limited to being stuck and/or turned over) you can’t stay in the vehicle for coverage and not get out failing to role-play.  If a breaching charge is role-played being placed on the vehicle, you must role-play that you are being pulled out of the vehicle and comply with the demands. The breaching charge can only be placed once the vehicle is stopped and disabled.  If any of the above statements are not followed then you will be issued a ban for FailRP.

  • You can only wear the donated group clothing if you are in the gang or group that donated for the item.

  • Groups or factions can not declare war on the police department or the State of Erie County resulting in committing mass violence for the pursuit of political aims. This is to cause death to civilians or non-combatants with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government to do or abstain from doing any act.
  • You're allowed to double life only if you use the same first name but change your last name. (ex: Cop: Alek Belokov - Civ:Alek Joefer). Using a different name completely is against the rules. 
  • You may be apart of a gang if you're in SO, only if you're under Sergeant and not in a specialized department (ex: SERT, DTU, IA)


Section 4 (Ban Procedures & Policy)

  • All ban requests must be posted in the public 'Report Player' area on the forums, under the 'Support' category.

  • If there is an issue that someone has caused a server or rule violation, you are to continue the RP and then immediately move to the "Requesting Staff" channel.  You must continue RP before moving.

  • To submit a complaint, please give solid evidence.  Video evidence for bans must include two minutes before "First Contact". This does not include Combat Logging and simple rule breaks.  Your microphone must be enabled in the recording to ensure a decent quality on ban requests or the video will be "invalid" and the ban request will be closed.  Common Sense Dictates. If the two mintues prior could have any bearing what-so-ever on the rule violation then we *will* need the two minutes prior. If the two minutes prior would have no bearing on the violation we *may* not need it.

  • Staff are to follow the same procedure, but if they witness the issue themselves, they must get another staff member.

  • Game Server Ban Times ( May Vary )  These times may vary depending on each situation, etc.

    • First, second, and third offenses are based on current warning points. All third offense bans 2 Week.

  • Staff who can vote on bans:

    • Senior Admins+ are the only people allowed to deal with Ban Appeals.